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For events, schedules or questions, please contact the Chair, Jon Bakke, at [email protected]. 20150913_113651   Lower Chester Park is located on the corner of North 15th Avenue and East 5th Street. Physical address is: 1417 East 5th Street, Duluth, MN 55805 (do not mail). Directions: Mailing Address: NOLCP, PO Box 3404, Duluth, MN 55803 Warming House Phone #: 218-723-3665 (no messages, please) Current Officers Chair and Site Manager Jon Bakke | 218-590-0268 | [email protected] | For all inquiries Treasurer:  OPEN Secretary: Mary Jo Michal Additional Board Members who are not officers: Terry Bakke, Patty Sobczak, Deb Filipovich, Wendy Saliin, and Jason Wall.    

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  1. James M Hamilton says:

    My son lived on the ice at lower chester from the age of five until he got out of high school. Im glad you are bringing this great place back for the kids. Its a blessing to find out that there are still people willing to help out the future generations.

  2. Mike Gollinger says:

    Some of the best memories of my life happened at Lower chester. I played with Butch Williams for several years till we moved to Utah. My Dad George coached there and played there for many years. Sam, Babe, Charlie and Rip were treasured friends of our family. I am so pleased to know that people still remember and care for that little piece of Heaven.

    • rebecca says:

      It is great to hear from you, thanks for checking the site. Come by this winter when the park will be filled with the buzz of skaters once again. We plan on having a ice rink opening party on December 8th. We’d love to have to come and share stories of what I’m sure are called, “the good ‘ol days.”

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  4. ben hansen says:

    I played for lower Chester and lived on that ice. I coach now for Cambridge/Isanti and wear the “Rip Williams 4 th invitational tournament” patch on my jacket. I’m going back to Duluth next week just to put my boy on the ice where me and my father and brother spent so much time. Thank you so much!

    • rebecca says:

      Ben, did you get a chance to visit the Lower Chester Park this past warm weekend? The challenge with outdoor ice – the outdoors! This year has been fairly good in not snowing too often and the temperatures have been pretty cold, except for last weekend. We pray for some more cold days and I hope you can bring your boy here to play again.

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