Welcome to Lower Chester Park Recreation Area

Lower Chester Mini-Master Plan Update

Link to Parks and Rec Site - Lower Chester Park Mini-Master Plan

Lower Chester Park Mini-Master Plan Presentation - September 14, 2017

Parks Commission Update - November 8, 2017

Our History

In 2009. NOLCP saved Lower Chester Park form being razed.  We did this to ensure that ice skating, hockey, and other seasonal activities would remain at this historic neighborhood site.

When the survival of an organized hockey program was in jeopardy, we stepped up and invited them to play at our site.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a vibrant four-season park for all in our neighborhood and community.  That would include winter activities, including skating, hockey, and other Winter activities.  The green space would allow for many activities in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Lacrosse and soccer being examples.  This green space would also allow for picnics, playing catch, and much much more.

We feel a revitalized park would accomplish many things, a few examples being:

  • Anchoring the neighborhood
  • Bring community members together
  • Engender a sense of neighborhood pride
  • Provide the children of Duluth's hillside with a safe and healthy place to play year-round
  • Foster health and wellness among neighbors 

Lower Chester Park is leased from the City of Duluth and operated by the non-profit organization, Neighbors of Lower Chester Park (NOLCP). NOLCP’s mission is to provide a facility and recreational area for year-round use to members of the Duluth community.

Summer activities that take place include: use of the rink for roller-blading, skate-boarding, basketball, Box Lacrosse, and other games. The flat green area is available for lawn games, potential playground and more! Winter programming includes hockey, recreational skating, and bon-fire parties at night.  The building will also be available for educational and entertainment purposes. Winter Fun at Lower Chester NOLCP is a 501(c)(3) organization and we appreciate your donations!
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5 Responses to Welcome to Lower Chester Park Recreation Area

  1. Mabel Galvin says:

    Last summer the 5th St. “Grannies” organized the 1st annual Lower Chester Picnic/Potluck and Play Day. Lower Chester will be holding our 2nd annual Picnic/Potluck & Playday at Lower Chester 15th Av. E. & 5th St. Saturday, September 10th at 2;00 p.m. It was a lot of fun last year and it looks like we will have even more events and fun planned for this year. Be sure to check it out!
    We could use some adults and college and high school young adults to facilitate and lead games. We are planning some SURPRISE fun. You have to come to find out! Come join the fun and help make Lower Chester a fun place to spend time again. Mabel Galvin (hint) a 5th St. “Granny”

  2. Bev Berntson says:

    Get your Skates sharpened, there will be ice in the neighborhood this winter. See the Facebook comment for the story. But, better yet, contact one of the names listed to be part of the action. If you want to help the neighborhood kids, scrounge your basement and donate old skates, sticks, and pucks. Don’t forget those old figure skates!

    • Tom Berntson says:

      I’ve known that Bev Berntson for at least 67 years and must say that she is one helluva wonderful Granny and person. It was just like her to take on the Lower Chester Park project. She watched her kids grow up there, play hockey and have a wonderful time. It behooves the City of Duluth to honor her and her cohorts accordingly. Why, Duluth should even fly her “elderly” brother in from New York City for the occasion of her honoring.

      Praise to M. Beverly Berntson and co-worker/volunteers who made this all happen. May the area children now play hockey, skate and enjoy the warn Duluth air in Lower Chester Creek Park.

  3. Jim Hall says:

    Hello NOLCP,

    Recently saw this article on the rink and four grandmothers that saved it! You may want to post it up and on the Facebook account too.


  4. Tom Berntson says:

    Having viewed the video of the Lower Chester Creek Park improvements and the wonderful work done by Bev Berntson and her associates, I highly commend them for bringing that wonderful facility back to the children of the area. May they skate, play hockey and thoroughly enjoy that wonderful facility for years to come

    I’ve known M. Beverly Berntson for nearly 67 years now, and can attest to her endless resourcefulness and goodwill. She’s just a helluva wonderful human being. I hope the City of Duluth honors her and her associates for a job well done.

    from – a secret admirer-or (alias, her brother)

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